Saturday, April 28, 2012


what  is special education????
its a school for children that hv learning problem such as dyslexia, autisme, mental problem, down syndrome. they can be A SMART and CLEVER childs than normal child but teachers and parents must teach them. Parents cant be an irresponsible to that child at home.most of the time the child spend at home.this type of child needs a lot of care and love from us.they can success in future if we educate them in the rite way.
dyslexia child like normal child but they speak or talk overturned. 

in this school they will teach how to manage themself such as how to bath, talk, eat, said if want to go toilet, wear clothes and others. parents cant really 100% depends at school. parents must teach them slowly at home.they will follow at last.we bust be 100% patient wif them. we must be nice wif them but not really spoiled them.

for parents who see their children very2 slow in learning better see doctor to checkup.better detect their prob from pre-school. government give allowance to them but they need to be schooled. to public, support this type of child.dont see them like they are stupid, dunno anything or whatever.sometimes they're very2 clever than normal child.

SPECIAL EDUCATION OR PENDIDIKAN KHAS is different from PEMULIHAN KHAS. Pemulihan khas for normal child that slow in learning but Pendidikan Khas for OKU child. Pendidikan khas Integrasi for
disabled deaf and silent. 

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