Saturday, April 28, 2012


On 23rd April, i've got call from PPD Teluk Intan for an interview at 9am. So, i went wif my father. Its wasnt a formal interview, just semi-formal. The officer ask about LINUS, 1M 1S and Pre-school. bLUR!!!!!! I just heard PPSMI but now its called MBM/MBI. Ah..i just said I dont know.lallallalalalllalla. I just REDHA if i didnt get to be a teacher.

In the evening, i've got call from the officer.

He: Hassuna, u still want to be a teacher??
Me: Yes sir.
He: You've got at SKSB,Hutan Melintang.Do u have a transport??
Me: (bLUR) Yes I've(actually dont hv). but where was the school?what subject i'll teach?
He: The school at Batu 9, hutan Melintang after SEMESTI. u've to teach special education. dun worry, the students stable ritenow.u've got PAHALA if u teach them.
Me: what??????? i know sir but i must be REALLY PATIENT wif them.
He: On monday u go there, letter will a bit late.
Me: Ok sir.thanx a lot sir.

WHAT?? special education??? can i??can i be patient?? many things came out from my mind. my parents said, 'banyak pahala'..remember teach with a lot of sincere.dont be angry wif them.oh!!!!!!!!!!!

I said to myself.....this will be an interesting experience..this will teach to be a really patient person.

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