Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Nice date. How bout my dreams? how bout my wishlist? how bout my target?
I failed to achieve my target. I just achieved one of my wishlist in few days. INSYA ALLAH.

It's ok hassuna. You still have time to achieve all your targets!!! Be confident. Be strong.

This year... double surprise. double cake. double celebration.

Thank you so much to all wishes from friends and families.
Thank you so much for the surprises, cakes and lovely present.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

First surprise from Fiza, Fendy, Teha, Azimah and him.
You all made me cry. Really unexpected surprise from them.
Thank you very much for the lovely present.
I am really love it.

Second celebration from my unblood sisters. This surprise for me and Wanda Aya.
We are in same month different day.
Thank you for the red velvet again.
I am really love it and eat too much almost half of the cake.
Thank you sisters, You're always be there for me.
Kita nangis sama2, luahkan perasaan sama2, gaduh, gembira bersama. Everything we have done together. We will stay forever, right?
I love you.

Makkk(Mira), what a coincidence!! Last two years I was wearing blue blouse and you were wearing blue baju kurung, it same goes to this year. wahhhh....

 I am really appreciate what have you all done. I dunno how to repay back. I am really grateful.
Thank you ALLAH for sending them to me. Thank you ALLAH for sending him to me.

I love you all so much.

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