Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Wahh.fuhh fuhh.. berhabuk...

 It's been a year I've never update or upload anything here. It;s been a very busy year, very chaotic, very hectic year. Up and down in doing master really make me stress. Sometimes I wanna run run run away from here and go to a place where nobody knows me, just me and myself being alone and away from all the problems. Sometimes I wanna eat a lot. Sometimes I wanna enjoy for the whole week (karaoke, watching movies,bowling). Sometimes I wanna stay at home and sleep for the whole day. Sometimes I wanna cry cry and cry. Sometimes I feel like better I quit my MA. But I am still doing my MA ritenow. I still struggle 200% to get my MA. I still motivated to finish my MA. FOR WHOM.... For ALLAH and MY PARENTS who are always by  my side give me strength to finish what I have started. sikit je lagi hassuna. just around the corner to get your MA, hassuna.
Please wake up!!!!
A lot of problems doing research but I can handle it, I can manage it, I can face it. so, the upcoming problems, INSYA ALLAH I'll face it easily.
Dugaan tu sentiasa ada untuk menguji kesabaran, keimanan kita. Walau seteruk mana ujian itu, ALLAH tahu setiap hambanya mampu untuk menghadapinya.

Now, 2015.

INSYA ALLAH one of my wishlist will come true. It will be achieved few days more.
Moga ALLAH permudahkan segalanya.

2015 ..
Please be nice to me..

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