Thursday, March 17, 2011


wow...i was one of the poster presenter???
when i knew that i must write a poster and must be present during the National Postgraduate Seminar 2010 in UKM, i really shocked and speechless.WHAT?? i'm only coursework student OK! not research student.for master in research, they need to present poster+journal of their project in any conference or, i thought i'll not present any of it but my supervisor asked me to do that.i was really confusing because i didnt get any results.all my results are negative so how can i present poster with negative supervisor said its ok, because i have real methods.OK!! i'll do it.

so, i with my partner did our best to do the poster was rejected.she said it was all rubbish..oh,soo sad.she did one for us that i didnt understand at all.she wrote all from a-z with new title that make me more confusing.actually, the method was the same with my project but the content, the terms make me blur..i just think positive.i just print it out and present.

my supervisor have four master student including me and 1 PHD student. all four are poster presenter.They did their poster and understand 100% because their project. but mine are different(actually different term and title).
for the first time, i hang out with my labmates, actually my experience and expert labmate.i'm very salute of them.they know all the things that i need for my project.they give me advices and strenght for the presentation.i'm very2 nervous lol.first time in my life as student present poster at seminar.they said, its ok gives you more experience.just take it simple.thanx a lot.thank you2.
i'm very respect and high expectation to them.for me, they know every things.

DURING NPS 2010(30/12/10)
I was very2 nervous.they asked me to stand near the poster until the examiner came but i don't want.i was really scared.this is first time OK.for me,all the examiner are strict and will ask many question until i can't answer.oh no!! they forced me.i just stand there but i was walking around looking others poster.
there were two examiner.the first was from UKM.eventhough from UKM but she still strict Ok.her questions ok, straight to the point and i tried my best to answer her question.
what is your conclusion?don;t say you don't have, i answered it.ALHAMDULIILAH i got the idea last minute.buttt... the second examiner play around with me, make me more confusing.i ididn't get to answer her question. her question actually bout my method.i dunno how i make it more complicated.lastly she said,ok2, enough, you get more confused.she's from UPM.
take a deep breath and said to myself, it's done.finished.i had tried my best.the most experience things in my life.
there, i saw, i met  others research in many fields and they were expert.i also saw the oral!! it's really scaring ok.if you don't know your research very well you can't answer the questions from examiners.
there. i met one person that her project same with mine.i still contacted with her by email.she's from UiTM.she almost done her master.all the best for you.if i've problems i asked her for advices and can make references from her research.she give me a lot of methods and knowledge.thank you a lot sis.

the seminar gave me new things and knowledge in research works.i really hope i can get one more chance to present my project in any seminar.AMIN!!

my poster

Hari's poster

Kin Yip's poster

p/s: we learn new things with new experience in new places with new peoples who are expert in their fields.

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