Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hye my blog...misshhh u lol....3 month++ i never update any single words here. i'm really busy with assignments+ lab works(never finished ok!).i've many things to write, to share, to express my feeling and my thought here. i dunno from when and which story i must start first(it sounds like i've more than 10 stories to share). i will start in next post next time.i need really good mood(not lazy) to update post. 

in the past few months i've really bad mood+ bad health+ bad headache= i'm crazy girl!!
this semester i've a lot of assignments, a lot of tasks to do same with the last semester.for me this semester more relax (not really relax actually) than the last.just this semester, due date for all the assignments not very close, there is a big gap between each assignment but still a lot ok! every semester has different challenges that i must face(*sigh*)

the big challenge this semester is my project. i've started my lab work since last semester but never finished.all i get are negative result. i became more more and more stressed.i became fedup to do, this week, i relax my mind and my body, don't want to think bout it tooo deep.just do the most important thing that are culture bacteria, shake,OD and inhibition. i'm doing the same thing every week.what am i supposed to do??just carry on until i get the inhibition zone(*sigh*again).just be patient HASSUNA.

now, just take all the things as simple as i can.i don't want to be a COMPLICATED person.just think positive.TAKE IT SIMPLE OK!

p/s: as long as you are a must face all the challenges in study. STUDENT'S LIFE!!

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