Monday, December 12, 2011


It's not called moving on if you have no reason,
It's not called letting go if you didn't have anything in the first place,
It's not called forgetting if once you think you've forgotten they are always on your mind.
It's not called walking away, if you turn back to take another look.
Life is about taking chances, This chance will be the one that he will realize, and look back on
It's called a mistake when you doubt it afterwards,
This is a mistake... Not moving on,just always remember,
We learn from our mistakes.

When I'm sad, the first person I need is you.
When I'm happy, the person I need to share my happiness is you.
When I'm cry, the person I need the most to lend me your shoulder is you.
When I'm laugh, it is because I know I will always have you.
When I'm alone, you are the person that always enter in my mind.
When I'm close my eyes, it is you that I see.
But when I need you that much, you told me that you are not clown to entertain me.

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