Monday, December 5, 2011


I really miss my parents ritenow..I want to go home now!!!

Daddy no matter how many guys I look at, how many guys I date, how many guys I talk to, no matter who I get married to, you'll always be my number one dad
You're the best dad ever.

 Thankyou for always being there,
when i was sad you held me tight,
when i said i hated you you told me you loved me,
when i shouted you told me it was okay
when i was heart broken you told me he'll soon realise what he lost.
Dad thankyou for being there all my life. iloveyou

There are so many things left to say. But I guess some things are better left unsaid. No matter what you say, I will always be your daddy's lil girl. And you will always be my hero.
 Having a father like you is one of the greatest blessings in our life. You're not a teacher but you taught us the most valuable things in life, how to live a worthy life. You're not a doctor/nurse but you've always been there when we're not feeling well and pray to take those sickness away. You're not a soldier but you face battles for us, you've been the best protector and an enemy of those who tried to hurt us. You're not a fairy but you reach for the stars above to make our wishes and dreams come true. We lost our mother yet you've filled those emptiness. In everyday of our lives you always make us feel very special. You alone is enough to make us feel we're loved.. So others dont have the right to question you being a father because they don't even know you in the first place. You are the best father, the best of everything and we thank you.


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