Monday, December 5, 2011


Bacaan yassin and tahlil were held at my dad hometown at Bota Kiri, Perak.But i don't remember the date.These were held just among family not like 'kenduri'. The leader for 'bacaan yassin' was my cousin, Hafiz. He was studied at islamic school at Penang but i don't remember the name. Amir Ikhwan, studied geology at UKM as bilal that day. Amir Imran, studied at islamic school at Batu 10 Lekir,Sitiawan, Perak as imam. I'm proud of them. Not all my dad's siblings came. Cu Din at Klang and Pak Andak(Khalid) at Johor weren't there cause they can't. 

Me with Mak Ngah Bar..After maghrib

Behind: me and Kak yong Shila. Front:(from left) Mak Ngah Bar, my mom, Mak Yong, My grandma.

(from left) Amir Imran, Amir Ikhwan, Ayah Li, Pak Ngah Hamid.

(from left) me, my mom, Mak Yong, my grandma.

(from left) My dad, Mat Alip, Pak Yop Khir, Pak Tam Hambal.

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