Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hye...for long time i didnt write anything here..just post a nice song in deep meaning..Nostalgia...

I'm really dont know, what was my mistake? What have i done to you? I'm blur.Was it my words? or my actions? Please...Please...Please...Tell me..I'm begging you. Please don't treat me like this. I need your explanations. You can scold me in front of me but not keep it yourself. I want you to disengage your anger to me.Please..Please...Please....
Since i know you, since we close together, you are my SISTER. You are my listener, complainer, best friend forever BFF, adviser, gossip girls, happiness. I'm easy with you. I'm very happy with you. I share everything with you. You always by my side. You are too kind. You always understand me. Too many things you help me. You never give up or fed up treat me like your little sister. You always pampered me. I love you. I know you worried bout my lab work. You always remind me, advise me and teach me to do all the lab works. Too many lovely memories with you.

I know you will never forgive me. I know you don't want to see my face anymore. I know you hate me. I know you don't want to talk to me anymore. I'm begging you, please tell me what are my wrongs??? 
I'll go far away from you after i finished my master. I wont come to lab anymore after I finished my lab work. Pray for me I'll finish my master in success. 

My dear sister,
I'm very very sorry what I've done to you. I'm really really sorry IF my words and my actions hurt you. 'Halalkan' everything; foods, lab works, your help, your time, your money.  I hope..DON'T delete me from your heart. DON'T unfriend with me. DON'T throw me far away.PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!
If you don't want to see my face, don't want to talk to me anymore but PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!


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